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October 22nd

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Dot Stitch

It's the season of scarf making - and I found this stitch which looks great on a thick, chunky wool. I'm not sure why it's called dot stitch but I liked the look of it.

October 22nd

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Sweater, Moving, and Mom

So I realized, it has been a hell of a long time since I have actually posted a Finished Project on here.

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Another shot of "Spanish Armada"

Here's another photo of the Spanish Armada that took a ribbon at Rhinebeck.

I was going to insert the image into this post - but it's way too big.

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FO - Iceland inspired baby sweater

I have to say this one was Iceland inspired - I never saw a sweater with as much color work in the body as this one but I wanted to practice with the designs.

October 21st

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Got out the needles and casted on today!!

Well I finally got out the needles today and casted on for a pair of socks today.

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The Hat is Done

I have completed my hat. This makes me happy as it snowed today. I am not even going to wash it tonight.

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At it again

Just hop back on my blanket, started it last year. Hoping to not stop again till it's done. Did not do anything but buy the yarn last spring.

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Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2009

I just got my order from Interweave today, this year's Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2009.

October 20th

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I'm inspired....

He may not mention it, but RJCB3 (Robert) posted a brilliant commentary on Maine's Gay Marriage initiative today on Facebook. Well worth the read. Well done, Robert!

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Longest scarf

Well, okay, so this scarf isn't the longest, but it's part of the Longest Scarf project.