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Has anyone else gotten into making Amigurumi (little crocheted/knitted toys)?

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I am looking for 6 ply sock yarn (75%wool and 25% nylon, more or less). Dennis who works at Romni in Toronto told me they carry a self striping one. I would prefer a solid colour.

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Seriously OT

This one is for Buck Strong and anyone else who has ever taught school.

A little cynical, but none the less, toooooo true.

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Knitting in San Diego, it keeps me in stitches...

One of those intro blogs that sort of lets you know who I am and what I am doing.

My husband, Dean and I live in San Diego and both of us knit; I am the one on the right in the red/blue shirt.

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City bed Shams

Well another dive into the unknown.

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I need help from a size S guy

Hey - I want to knit a sweater for a good friend for his 40th, but there will be no sneaking into his closet and measuring a favorite sweater since he's busy packing up to move.