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My Doubled Chullo

Pattern: Doubled Chullo by Kenny Chua
Magazine: Interweave Knits, Holiday Gifts 2009

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Wide-eyed child in the wide world of wool

So today was a day off from school and for I week I had been planning to take a trip to San Antonio's Yarn Barn.

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Ok - I have heard it said before that never refer to knitting as a hobby. Now I know why - It is an obsesssion!

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Pattern Question

Dudes of Most Knowledge:

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Small diameter knitting

What does everyone use when doing small diameter knitting, like a sock. I'm just starting this, and it seems using two circular needles is popular, but I seem to have better luck with DPN.

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Men's Midwest Knitting Retreat

Hello Everyone,

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Sweater Issues Again!

Uggh! Frustration again!

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how much to charge

How much would you all charge for a baby blanket? I have two pending orders for me to complete and they are very willing to pay me :-)

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From mary janes slippers to dish cloths. Now I'm harrassed into making dishcloths. The small projects are kinda satisfying for someone like me to work with.