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New shawl

I found the next shawl I'm starting after my clappotis is done. Snow falling on cedars has stolen my heart...I want to knit it in a light blue. Tits over on houghts?

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Latest socks

This is yet another pair of the twisted stitch socks from The Knitting (Man)ual, this pattern has become a favourite of mine.

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Greetings from the New Guy

Just wanted to say hello and finally post since I've been lurking around for a while. I'm Joe, I learned to knit several years ago but I'm just coming back to it after a long hiatus.

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Some people just have to suggest designs.....

title of the post about says it all.

attached file

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First project with purls..

Here is my first project that has any purling in it. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, speed wise.

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Dolly Parton

I have been away in America for months on business. While i was away i just had to see Dolly in Vagas so i thought i'd share the picture with you all.

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Knitted Rucksacks

Hi this is one of my design's. Unfortunately i can not give the pattern out as it will be in my new book called 'TOY BOX' out beginning of next year.

Hop you like it

Jody Long

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Can I make this into a Guy Sweater?

Dudes: What up? I came across this today and I'm totally in love with the colours and the stranded pattern. Do you think I could convert the pattern into a guy sweater?

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Site Alert!

Purlescence has a whole series of patterns based on stories and fairy tales.....

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The lace shawl that made me cry...

... is FINISHED!! Yay!

I'll post a pic when its being blocked.