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and new socks

i forgot I have new sockies

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My Novice Project...

So Gentleman you are looking at one of the three newest Aspirants for Sisterhood here in San Francisco...That's right I'm joining the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and I'm rather excited to start m

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I Got My Scarf!!

I got my Scarf Exchange scarf today, and I LOVE IT!

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I am very upset.

So, I finally got my scarf exchange scarf sent off. I went to my parent’s house on Tuesday and my father sent it off for me, I am young, I have never figured out the whole post office thing.

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Finished hat and i-cord.

So, I finished my first hat. It turned out way too big. If I pull it down it goes to my chin. :-) So, since I followed the pattern for a 22" head, my gauge must be off I guess.

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Knitting my way to Freedom

Thought you all might find this interesting.