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This week's new Episode#46 "Belle of the Ball" Knitting Podcast. Join us One Year Podcast Anniversary Drawing!

This week's Episode#46 of "Belle of the Ball" Knitting Podcast, We have a great knitting news, pattern and info Also great songs for everybody! Hope youguys download while knitting or spinning!

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A Canadian Pattern site

For those of you who may not have known there is a site called It specializes in old patterns as well as new, I am computor illiterate but find the site easy to negotiate, hope this i

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Afghan Pattern

Fellow Dudes of Knitting:

Continental of Engllish (Throw) method of knitting

Which method do most of you guys use: Continental (left-handed knitting) or English (throw knitting)?

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Wool moths

The other night at work I was contemplating wool moths (yeah, I know).

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Latest Finished Object - Wool Llama Cardigan

It seems to be ages since I last posted, but I've just finished a cardigan in a fantastic yarn. Adriafil Llama Classic yarn is 50% wool and 50% Llama, in this case a lovely shade of black, peppered with long stands that give a sparse halo of light-grey fibres. Finished fabric has great drape.

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Mom socks

I have only knitted one thing for my mother in all these years, and that was a lace shawl for her 65th bithday. She said it was too nice to wear... and put it away!