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SQUEE new sweater and stuff...

First off Iwant to say how much I'm loving this sweater...its a top down raglan that I'm doing in lace weight and a v-neck and im loving it...

I'm knitting on size 3 but its work it LOL

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Bad Night for Knitting

Ever had one of those nights where you just really shouldn't have even started knitting?

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Just shy of a full sweater

I began this wishbone pullover sweater a few years back (from Irresistible knits). Just as I was finishing the last piece I realized that I would be short yarn.

my new projet

Hi everybody,

Here's a shot of my new projet.

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Rethinking DPNs

After my first experience with DPNs a few years back, I've been avoiding them like the plague. But I'm coming around.