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January 14th

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Where will it end?

Learning in the morning, teaching in the afternoon!

January 13th

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Loose an' Fuzzy

Well that seems to be the consensus (sp?). Sorry 'bout the coffee spew.

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Learning to Purl

Today, my wife introduced me to the purl stitch......AAAAAAARGH!

January 12th

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Welcome to the new guys on the block!

Good Grief, I am gone from this site for a week and look at all the new guys on the block. I just can't keep up with you guys. I love coming to this site and reading all the new posts.

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It don't come easy

I finally recieved my Merino Style yarn from Knitpicks. I bought this yarn because I wanted to knit my next sweater with a finer yarn on smaller needles.

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Socks - WOW!!

I'm so jazzed!

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Lace Fan

Morning guys I would like to know is there anyone out there with a pattern for a lace the Victorian Period fans.......

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Men with Balls

Last evening I was at my local knit shop for the friday evening knit group.

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At the risk of this becoming a YSP

I've gotten past the ribbing, and on round 5 of my pattern. I'm doing the Vine Lace Stocking from Knit Picks. Here's where I'm confused,
CO 74st. the pattern is set up as

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Giving In to the Demons

That's right boys, I'm no longer fighting and giving up. If you don't hear from me for awhile send help!