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December 8th

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first entry--Hello, Guys!

This is a first for me, but I've been wanting to connect with other men who knit; maybe I'll start by telling a bit about my journey in knitting.

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Private Message Notifications

Am I the only one getting a "You've got a private message" notification every day? I've cleaned out my mailbox. I've got nothing in there. It's getting a little frustrating. What gives?

December 7th

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Muir scarf

I've based this scarf on Muir Shawl by by Rosemary Hill in Knitty Fall 2007by taking a section of the 'peaks' and adding a garter stitch border.

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A taste of a "Hint of Color"

I call this the "Hint of Color Scarf." It's super luxurious Brown Sheep Burly Spun knitted together with an ultra-super-mega-thin strand of 80% mohair/20% nylon yarn.

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Hmmm...should I?

So for a while I have been thinking about doing a video blog, to share how much fun I am with the rest of the world. I realized though that I would need to have some tact.

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scarf update

Just finished the scarf for the exchange, so should be sending it over the next week

December 6th

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Knitting Cruise in NYC??

I was reading someone's blog before, and he mentioned something about an annual (?) knitting cruise from NYC. I can't find the darn blog. Does anyone have any information on that?

December 5th

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Started My Partner's Scarf

I started my Partner's scarf and is in my works in progress along with 3 or 4 more projects.

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new socks

Somewhere on the net, I came across the most interesting looking socks. But she was selling the pattern, and I thought "I can make those" -- famous last words!

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I'm knittin' and I'm dancin' s fast as I can...

SF knitters.