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December 10th

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Right....I think I owe you guys an update as to where I stand at the moment, I will be signing with Harmonia Mundi in March 2009 so that's one less thing to worry about, but my father now got the cra

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Playing catchup....

One of my young actor friends has outgrown the scarf I knit him when he was Tiny Tim - so I've knit him a new scarf; using some 2/9 shetland from WEBS.

December 9th

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I almost peed when I saw this.

If any of you remember my post from a while back, you'll know why this article threatened my dignity when I rea

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Hey...First entry...kind of

So I once before created an account on here, but long since forgot my sign in info. So I created another account.

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I'm too tight

Here's the scoop. I just started and I have got the casting on thing down and I understand the basics of "knit" but the stitches are so tight that its almost impossible to go much past 2 rows.

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Friend's Scarf

So, I have a friend who wanted me to make her a scarf. This is my second for-profit project, and I think I kind of like making things for profit. Once again, it has some more cables!

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S.O.S (suss out stitch)

I am trying to figure out how to do this wheatear stitch. All I have to go by is this photo. I am having great lack of success. Anyone willing to take a whack at it and spare me a psychotic break?

December 8th

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Nature spun (tm?) Eco yarn

I was at the local Walmart store... and poking through the yarns in vain hope of finding something usable on sale and I saw "Eco Yarn"...

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Increases after Ribbing

Hi Folks!

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Scarf Exchange

Hello...I have finnally decided on what colors I am giong to use for the scarf exchange the owner at the lys and I have put together two shades of blue from Green Mountain Spinnery that we think will