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September 16th

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EZ as it goes

So after you have one of these odd looking pieces made, the directions tell you to start back at your provisional cast-on, and make another!

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Modified New Zealand Wool??

A friend sent me the following link...

Ahh, progress...

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Survivng Ike

Hi all - greetings from Houston. I was very lucky with the Hurricane - it went right though the city but I didn't get any flooding or damage - parts of the city were really hit hard.

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For those in London/SE England

I got back into knitting because I spotted a Men's Knitting Group at the LYS. Sadly they stopped it... not sure exactly why... before I got a chance to attend.

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FO: Habitat Hat

Finished it!

Has anyone tried these yet?

Being a Addi addict I was thrilled to find this. However I have learned from the past about interchangeable needles and the issues with the joins.

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right uploaded some examples of me playing and conducting to a multiply site so anyone interested should be able to check ik out!

September 15th


I feel so helpless and lost not knitting while I am in this class. Hopefully, I will resume normal life soon. I am up here in Memphis, AR and I just didn't bring anything to knit.

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It's so EZ

One of the EZ lists is working on the Ribwarmer KAL, and since I always liked the design of it, and needing some sort of mindless knitting to do, I joined in.

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Knitty 2008 Fall Review

Hey guys~

Just everybody let know, finally Fall Knitty 2008 issues came out last week.
I made a review about the new patterns at my Knitting Blog. Visit and read about it