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September 17th

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NKR (Not Knitting Related)

I have one other blog, but no one ever reads it, so I wonder...what's the point? LOL

MWK Scarf Exchange

New to posting and posting photos as well. Hope this works okay... LOL

Here's my scarf exchange scarf that I made. It's a reversible cable done in Noro Silk Garden colorway 267 B.

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Habitat FO

Although teejtc beat me to it, I thought I would show off my Habitat hat as well. I thought the pattern was awesome, and worth the challenge of following a chart.

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Another EZ turn

This is the final result of all that knitting. It’s a strange procedure, although if you know anything about EZ’s patterns, that’s the way she does things.

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Sea Socks 'o9 East

Not so long ago in a galaxy that's nearer then you may think I signed up for a cruise. It had all the earmarks I'd been looking for in a cruise.

Non-knitting request of anyone in W. Hollywood, CA

Just received news that very close friend will have a shot gun wedding (due to possibility of outlawing same sex marriage in November elections) tomorrow. They're leaving on a honeymoon on Friday.

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Fall Hats Within Reach

Knitting has changed my life in a lot of ways.

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Right...I know nothing about computers or the internet, and was now told that multiply still was not a good way to share my music with anyone, so I've created a myspace, I have after several hours man

September 16th

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mmmmm cheeese

so...i love cheese.....and wine....ALOT

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Knitivity - Houston Area Indie Dyer

I have purchased yarns in the past from Knitivity (