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Another Celebrity

Here is a link to a filming made of Victor (Elemmaciltur), it is in German but it is fun to watch. Not sure what it was made for.

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A fall Shawl pattern

my first test knitter is past row 60 on this; but we've both been double checking the later charts - and we believe it error free at this point.


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Antler scarf redux

Sometimes it's wiser to set something aside rather than to frog it... I was hating the antler scarf that I was working on.

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For Elise- in Lebanon

Here is the Kont scarf that I have made for Elise in Lebanon. She is 5 years old and like colours. It is knitted in wool.

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I have finished the "Kont- scarf"

Hi a while ago I posted that I had started a "Kont" scarf. Here is the photo and I finished it long time ago. It is knitted in lambswool and silk.