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Third thoughts

I started a beanie last night. I finally wanted to get started on using the Camel yarn I bought AGES ago.

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quick post

GRRRR whats with people and their stupid ideas!!!

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Darrelllll where areeeee youuu?

just seeing if anyone has heard from Darrel lately - after submitting something for the ezine I haven't heard a peep from him....

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forgot the other pic...

Here is the pic of me actually wearing the scarf....
[img_assist|nid=6700|title=gift scarf 2|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=134|height=200]

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Lucky to have such good friends...

[img_assist|nid=6679|title=gift scarf|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=150|height=200]

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A Glorious Day

I bought Dennis (my partner) a metal detector for Christmas last year and he has been happily digging up our yard all summer. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, the last weekend of summer.