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End to end striped scarf?

Hey guys-
A very dear friend just sent me some beautiful yarns in a couple of different shades of orange (my favorite color).

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Just cleaned up the Hawk

I just cut down the sides of my im looking thru manic panic to see what color I want to go this time...Ideas???

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Mittens Impossible

Apparantlly, I've cast on too many stitches this time.

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Gettin Chilly

It's starting to get pretty cold over here, and I'm not having that. So, today I felt like starting a pair of mittens.

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Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds and a little history lesson

Just noticed a really good review of Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds yarn on the Knitters' Review website.

I was eyeing-up this stuff on Saturday, particularly as I'm craving natural, undyed yarns at the moment.

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...random topics...

My random morning thoughts...

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Online Files Hosting

Does anyone know of a free or paying site to host PDF files online? I have not googled it yet, thought I would try here first! Thanks

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computer stuff~well and truly autumn

My new (used) computer: an apple powerbook G4, does not recognize when I've plugged in my cannon digital camera...My old PC showed a device plugged in...this one does NOTHING and I am getting a little

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Another Spider's-web shawl - fichu

Well, a friend saw my wife's fichu and decided she wanted a lacier-blingier version. She's a public speaker and wanted something that would sparkle under the lights.

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CIP at Dragon*Con

I have a crocheting project that is a surprise gift that I've been trying to focus on lately. All my other knitting and crocheting projects are on hold right now so I can get this done as soon as possible.