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August 25th

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Knitting Gifts for Me

I've been shopping for me again! Patternworks was very wise to send me a catalog all the way to New Zealand.

August 25th

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visiting sf this weekend

love to connect to fellow knitters of the bay area. i'll be in town for the slow food convention and generally moving from cafe to cafe knitting when not eating slowwwwwwly. who wants to meet?

Blocking question

Is there a rough estimate as to how much a piece will "grow" when blocked?

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Completed Lace (almost)

Just finished my latest lace least the knitting portion.

I still have to finish blocking the piece.

August 24th

Woo Hoo! Combination Knitting

After watching one of the gals in my local knitting group; and knitty gritty, on Friday.

Non-Knitting Question?

I am thinking of going into driving trucks for employment and I have been told that one of the MWK knitters is a truck driver named Mason.

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Knitting myself into a new community

Hey there fellas
I've just moved (back) to Ann Arbor Michigan to go to school.
Anyone in Ann Arbor out there? Know any knitting fellows here?

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for colour reference only

This doesn't look like a wedding announcment, does it?

Wouldn't you knit kilt stockings for this man? I surely would. maybe a matching hat as well.


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Kilt socks

I'm wanting to knit some kilt socks for my fabulous Irish (Dublin) future husband, er "friend". Does anyone have a favorite or a nice link. I'm thinking warm winter ones.

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2009 Special Olympics Scarf Project

This is a scarf I am making for the Special Olpymics 2009 Scarf Project .