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More socks

Two pairs of recently finished socks, Twisted Stitch pattern from The Knitting Man(ual) and a pair of generic socks.

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Combined Purl for Ribbing.

I am fine doing combined purl stitches for stockinette stitch but I am not quite sure what to do for ribbing. Can someone point me to the best online demo?

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Knitting in Public, Alamo Square Video

I will have a Video later on, and I will add the video to this posting, I am uploading the video to You tube.

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Fabulous Fairisle - Book

“Fabulous Fairisle” by John Allen; hard cover, 120 pages; printed in Scotland; 1991 (out of print).

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Poetry In Stitches – Clothes you can knit - Book

“Poetry In Stitches – Clothes you can knit” by Solveig Hisdal; hard cover, 172 pages; 2001 (out of print). It was printed in Denmark but is written in English.

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The Knitting Gods Must be angry at me.

Ever have one of those weeks? Yugi, I know you have!

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Knitted Willie Warmer as requested!

Photo Courtesy of
Uploaded on December 14, 2007
by sheandaru a Flickr Lady member

Remember to Check your Gauge lol!

Knitted Willie Warmer
Worsted weight yarn

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Look what I found on the Internet!

Stay patriotic and keep your willy warm..stand to attention for you country. This cosy wool willy warmer will do all that.

Price: £2.99

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Men's Knitting Retreats (yes plural!)

After the success of the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat this past May, most of you know that WonderMike is organizing a similar retreat in November on the West Coast.

Felted Kitty/Camera Bag

When I started knitting, I went really crazy over yarn having none. If it was on sale, I bought it.