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July 13th

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It's finally done!

Some time ago, I posted about a skein of yarn that I had spun out of some Punta roving (from South America).

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Giving knitting a second chance

So recently I've been getting burned out on knitting. Making baby socks in a production line style for relatives and the wifes booth will do that.

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I finally finished the baby blanket and washed it. Then I did my best effort to block it a little.

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Back Panel Deco... do or don't?

This is something I've pondered for a while and it has come up again in my current project...

July 12th

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San Francisco here we come!

Wow, thanks to the generosity of one of my best friends, my partner and I will be spending 2 whole weeks in San Francisco starting around August 23rd.

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I had to take it apart!

Hmmm... I recently revived my interest in knitting after... oh, lets see...

July 11th

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Semi FO

Thanks to scubasinger for his pointer to the Rainy Day Scarf (


Does any know the ending width for a shawl please?

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Washington D.C.

Hey Guys. This is way off knitting topic, but need some help here. Don and I and a couple of coworkers are going to be in D.C.

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Christmas in Summer

I like to give gifts to my summer staff at the end of the season - I see these people 16 days out of the year, most of them. So "Christmas" in the summer.