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July 17th

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Steam Heat.....

Jazz hands!

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... the back at least. Its now 100% correct and it looks OK. I've started on the front left side which has a knitted pocket. Never done one of those before so we'll see then on the way home...

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Yarn err... rope !

Well I spun my Angora as planned. Two singles using a handful of white, then gold, then chocolate, then smoke. Then I plied the two singles together. Hmm not too pleased with it to be honest.

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Simple Baby Hat

This goes along with the jacket, there may be booties, it all depends on the mood. The pattern for all these goodies are in the same page.

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I finally got the Brother machine set up last night. Attached the ribber and started working on a Rainbow Sleeve sweater (for my fabulous self) this afternoon.

July 16th

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its DONE!

piccies will be up VERY SOON!

And I grabbed enough sock yarn to make 3 more sweater as well as some bulky yarn to make a nice tick pull over as well...

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Rainy Day Hat Pattern (cue thunderous applause)!

The pattern for the Rainy Day Scarf can be found at

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A "Happy Camper" Today

While searching on-line for the book I mentioned in my last blog, I decided on a lark to search the catalogue of my public library for the out-of-print "Principles of Knitting" by June Haitt.

July 15th

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Simple Baby Jacket

This is known in some places as the 5 Hour Baby Jacket, but I tell you it takes longer than that. You can make it in a matter of days.

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My Rainy Day Hat (to match the scarf) ...

... was finished yesterday. Yippee! And this afternoon, while I was at work (too busy to knit at work today, by the way!), UPS delivered a Brother KH-260 knitting machine with ribber!