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July 29th

lego knitting machine

too cool.
a buddy showed me this:

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30th Class Reunion

Me and some of my classmates (their familes as well) from childhood had a great time in our 30th Class Reunion in Fort Lauderdale, we had a small class about 60 most of us were together since kinderga

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Two little sweaters

Just finished up two little sweaters for mi amigo Patricio. He just turned two years old.

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Finished up a beer cozy last night.

July 28th

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Knitting for Charity

I finished another scarf while at work today. The bottom half was done with Caron Dazzleaire Sunshine Ombre.

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Scarf for a Friend

I just wanted to share a picture of a scarf I've been working on. I finished it up yesterday, and I really love it.

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Jenny Chant Appeal

Here is a pink scarf I knit for the Jenny Chant Appeal. She posted here awhile ago.

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My Third Knit Cap

I finally finished knitting my third cap. I started it back in April when I was visiting Portland.

July 27th

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I finished the Gecko couple. The orange one is Cooder, and the brown one is Gregory.

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Chemo Caps

Another cousin of mine is going through chemo currently for ovarian cancer (Stage 1AC). She asked for some chemo caps.