Archive - Jul 3, 2008 - Blog entry

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Did I really buy a yarn called "Bunny Print?!"

This is what I decided on for my scarf recipient. Hard choice! I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but I think it needs to be really simple to show off the subtle colors of the yarn. Hmm...

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Hat (Project #2)

Finished up my second project, a fisherman's rib hat to match the scarf I made earlier.

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The Case of the Disappearing Darrel

I've admittedly not had much of a visible presence on the site in far too long and wanted to take a few minutes to share what it is that I've been up to.

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MWK Scarf Exchange

Thanks so much Stuart for taking this on!

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Cabled Hexagon Afghan Progress

Making progress. The next hexagons will add to the length. Don't know if you can tell, but the cables get one twist looser going from the center out, making the central "star" bigger.