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My bunnies

these are my two bunnies that died recenly of Suffles...I'm still sad about it, but I figures I could share them with you guys...

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Spinning is Heaven!

Hello All,

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LA County Fair Men who Knit Contest

For those of us who are in the Los Angeles County area, the LA County fair is going to have a Men Who Knit contest on September 7th - if you go to their website you can find information (or go to my w

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Leaving this evening for another 10 days at Patara with yarn, needles but only a vague idea of my design...

Suddenly I'm leaving. The purple hexagon afghan is done and I don't really have my next knitting project planned.

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Yarn Recommendations?

As I near the end of my gecko couple (those things are a super-quick knit!), I'm beginning to turn my eye toward winter projects.

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Tying up loose ends...

OK, finished the Noro Striped Scarf... It's gorgeous! Pictures tomorrow, I promise.