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Shout out to Stuart!

So the Great Scarf Exchange info went out today... In case it hasn't been said, thanks to Stuart for taking on what's gotta be a monsterous project!

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Anyone seen Stickywarp?

I got the toe up % based sock formula from stickywarp a year or two ago. I can't find him anywhere in the directory. Does anyone know where stickywarp went or if he changed his ID name?

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King Knit Knitting Machine question

I just saw a King Knit machine with a bakelite bed for 35 dollars in a thrift store. It appears to be complete with instructions but the needles are corroded and pitted. A good investment?

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Scarf Exchage Matchups Made!

Hey guys

If you signed up for the MWK Scarf exchange, the matchups have all been made, and you should have an email from in your inbox. Contact me there with questions!

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Kamping, Knitting, Katharsis

I did not know about the MWK Easton Mountain Retreat until it was too late to attend. I have 3 weeks of vacation blocked out from August 21 to Sept 11 with no plans.

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Cotton Again

Thank you for your comments on the cotton blanket. I made a baby hat to go with the blanket I'm still working on.