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June 17th

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TOTALLY Off-topic

OK Guys, I know this is a forum for Men Who Knit, but I've noticed we would be more accurately described as a multi-talented diverse bunch of guys that are into about everything in one way shape manne

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Watch out!

So I just want to say that Aids LifeCycle 7 was AWESUM...

and that in a few weeks I'm going to be moving to San Fran....

I could just spit! I love that city somuch I cant wait to call it home!

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Black Sheep

Are any of you Oregonian/Washingtonian guys going to the Black Sheep festival in Eugene this weekend? Interested in meeting up at some point?

June 16th

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HELP: Fan Kimono by Vicki Square

I’m trying to start up the Fan Kimono by Vicki Square out of the book "Knit Kimono" (pg. 86) and have a couple of questions… Can any of you answer them for me?

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Co-worker's baby in his new hat from me.

Hey guys!

June 15th

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FO Frosted Ferns Tablecloth

I finished this in April, but I finally got the camera, computer and knitting together today.
Using a fingering weight yarn, and larger needles turned this doily into a tablecloth.

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Matthew Shepard Scarf

I really like the design of the scarf but I am finding the instruction graph very difficult to follow. If anyone has made this scarf can you please enlighten me?

June 14th

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what to do with the yarn i bought

On Saturday Melbourne had its version of the Zombie shuffle. Its the third time ive done the zombie shuffle.

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Summer in Kobol

These are some of my works in progress and some ramblings about books, Dvds and life. The afghan is crochet on 4.25 mm hook or G.

June 13th

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World Wide Knit In Public Day

Come Out & Knit!!!

Check out the "official" WWKiP website to find an event in your area!