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June 21st

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A Stupid Question about RS and WS

OK, I can't quite seem to figure this out. I get this there is a RS (Right Side) and a WS (Wrong Side) of knitting. I also get that the go back and forth (i.e.

June 20th

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On the move

I booked my tickets! I move to San Fran Aug 1st.....

I hope the city is ready for me!

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Taking the plunge

Ok, so I've been knitting for about 5 years now, and I'm ready to start spending $$$ on some great yarns.

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Weave-It Blanket

And here is a pic of the Weave-It blanket. It wasn't very well planned, but it will have a good home with Nebahat at the Eucalyptus Pension in Patara, Turkey.

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Post-vacation / pre-vacation afghan progress

After my Patara vacation, I didn't knit much. Instead I decided to finish the Weave-It blanket. I'm going to give it to the owner of the pension where I stayed and where the project began.

June 19th

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How far will you go for fit??

It seems when knitting something like a sweater, us knitters are thrilled when we can say, "it fits!" Even if "fitting" is used very generally, its exciting when you (or the recipient) can actually w

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Great News

On Saturday I went to the KIP event here in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I meet a group of ladies at Branes and Noble, and their group name is Bobbins and Needles.

Is there a glossary of terms to understand blogs

I have discovered that I am behind the times when reading blogs and spending ages trying to work out what the abbreviations mean.

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Happy Feet

Exam supervision means extra socks. Although all knitting is saytisfying, there is something special about a pair of nice warm socks. Happy feet mean a happy me.

June 18th

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My Anniversary Present

Well, the Best Beloved outdid himself this time with round trip tickets to Portand, Maine, and then up to Cushing, Maine, to visit my good friend, Katharine Cobey, Knitter Extraordinaire.