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June 22nd

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for JEdwards

a couple of charts he wanted

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all this sock yarn...

So I have ALOT of sock yarn...can we say 11 skiens of tofuties in the same dye lot...

I was hoping to make a pull over but i cant find a good pattern...

And Ideas?

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instruction to make a spinning wheel

hi guys i would like to know is there anyone out there with instruction or plans to make a spinning wheel.... is so may i have a copy of your plans

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Finished At Last!

Just finished an afghan I started last spring. I haven't been working on it consistently, but finally got to a point where I just had to put all other projects aside until this was finished.

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Luna Moth Shawl

This is my interpretation of the Luna Moth Shawl from Elann. This pattern is available for free at

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blue basketweave

A blue basketweave scarf.


My name is Bryan and I am 42 years old. I am a native of Montgomery, Alabama. I have crocheted and knit for the past 20 years and recently took a rest after a stroke in November of 2007.

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my new hobby and craft

here are the spindles i made and some yarn i have spun ....... the drop spindles here in these photo are the ones i made for only $4.20

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Sir Colin Davis is a knitter. See this article in the Telegraph.

June 21st

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The Walker Treasury Project

I just learned of this site