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June 3rd

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Picea Pungens Fascea

It seems I have way too much time on my hands...not true!

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The latest project...

Inspired by Terry Pratchett - the 'Great A'Tuin' shawl.

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Results of my vacation:

I just returned home to Istanbul from a great 10 days at Patara.

June 2nd

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Knitter's Elbow

It's finally happened.

This weekend.

...deter me? !@#$ no!!!

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Goodbye Floppy Neckbands!

Hey guys, long time no post! I've been lurking around though : )

June 1st

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Anyone want a lace scarf pattern?

I purchased a pattern that I am not going to make. It's Fiber Trends "Estonian Medallion Lace Scarf" pattern number AC-86.

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cable help

i'm doing a shawl that puts 12 sts on cable needle and having trouble not getting big sags. advice?

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progress of my work


I have tried to present photo of my work (design = Kaffe Fasset, colours are mine). I don`t know I did it "with" or "without" success.
The best wishes with new Working Week

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Ecuador Stash

I just got back from Ecuador and we went to the Cotacachi region where they are famous for textiles made out of Alpaca. I was able to find hand spun, hand dyed Alpaca yarn and the prices were crazy.