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Taking the plunge

Ok, so I've been knitting for about 5 years now, and I'm ready to start spending $$$ on some great yarns.

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Weave-It Blanket

And here is a pic of the Weave-It blanket. It wasn't very well planned, but it will have a good home with Nebahat at the Eucalyptus Pension in Patara, Turkey.

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Post-vacation / pre-vacation afghan progress

After my Patara vacation, I didn't knit much. Instead I decided to finish the Weave-It blanket. I'm going to give it to the owner of the pension where I stayed and where the project began.

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How far will you go for fit??

It seems when knitting something like a sweater, us knitters are thrilled when we can say, "it fits!" Even if "fitting" is used very generally, its exciting when you (or the recipient) can actually w