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May 10th

Quick mothers day present


May 10th

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Fan Frame Work

hi guys i have a pattern for a Lace Knitted Fan but i can't find the fan frame work... do any of u guys know where i can find order some from......................

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Mystic Light

Mystic Light Shawl

Started: 19th April 2008
Finished: 30th April 2008
Yarn: Wollmeise 100% superwash merino Sockenwolle in "Koralle im Meer" (light)
Needles: Addi Lace, 3.5 mm / 80 cm
Pattern: Mystic Light Shawl by Anna Dalvi (aka Knit & Knag)

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updated 'do

It was time for a new cleaner hair cut so we got it all nice and pretty for the upcoming ride...don't you love it ;-)

May 9th

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The sweater is done...

Just wanted to share with everyone that the sweater I've been working on for my partner Ron is done.

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I often hear people in online knitting circles refer to "Rhinebeck". I am assuming it is some kind of Knitting or Fibre or Spinning show or convention or something like that.

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Or...For "Friends of Franklin"...his upcoming book has just come available for pre-order on Amazon.

Yes, it's official:

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Spiral Counterpane construction phase

Spirals done. Filler squares done. Ready to stitch them all together and discovered that my filler squares are too big!!

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unplying yarn

is it hard to unply yarn......... i have some medium worsted 4 ply yarn that i want to unply it to makee four balls and do something lace

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Trip to Paris

I will be in Paris until Sunday the 18th. Does anyone have any good fiberholic stash acquisition locales?