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May 25th

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Spring has sprung

Hiking Boot Socks - Well, that's one way to look at it.

Just finished my interpretation of Michael del Vecchio's Hiking boot socks.

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Saturn's Rings Baby Surprise Jacket (WIP)

I am working on this Baby Surprise Jacket, and I can tell you that I am having the greatest time knitting this garment. It is fun and very creative.

May 24th

HELP! EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

I am just beginning the Baby Surprise Jacket and have a dumb question. I am at the 5th ridge and need to increase for sleeve.

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Lace Fan Pattern

hi guys i found this patterns in new Piece Work Magazine it's a Lace fan pattern which i have been searching forever. it took me 3 and half days to make it and put it together.......

May 23rd

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a few my works (jerzy pl. from Cracow)

I would like to show some of my last works. Sorry I can`t present them here. I `ve tried. Now I have used polish website (in Polish, unfortunatelly).

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Cast On Under Sleeve?

OK, I am not quite there yet on this sweater, but soon I'll be to the point where I will be slipping the sleeve stitches onto a holder and will have to cast on a few stitches under the arm.

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The first Pair...

Like your first time doing anything, I'll always remember that first pair of socks....(April 2006---just re-living the moment...)

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First Sock (on Third Husband).

I ran across this picture from a few years ago and thought I would share it....

May 22nd

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Domovoi Shawl

Here I am again with another shawl from Cheryl Oberle's "Folk Shawls". This time I am making a shawl for my wife, one of her choice of color and style.