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The stubborn novice cat blanket; things learned.

Finished that cat blanket I've been working on. It was a great learning experience.

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A Gift for You (3 of you anyhow)

Here's the deal. Our LYS had a sale this week and in their "$1 patterns" pile, they had three copies of the "Vogue Knitting K.1 men's issue" from Fall/Winter 2005.

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Ribbing Cast Off

So, I finished the buttonhole row on the button band of my cardigan and I looked at the pattern to see what was next and noticed it says “knit 3 more rows then cast off for ribbing”.

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How long does blocking last? Does lace need to be reblocked occasionally?

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Kumo or bust!

I started a new cardigan this morning called Kumo.

It was in the Summer of '05 issue of is a little link for you guys!

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I might sound like an idiot - HELP!

...but... can someone translate this pattern for me?