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Off topic--wish me luck!

Hey guys,
A while back I wrote about an audtition:

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Nashville, TN area LYS

I'll be visiting my family near Nashville, this weekend (April 4-6). I've done a bit of Googling for LYS in the Nashville area, but was wondering if anyone from there had any particular preferences.

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I am a crazy crazy

Well, I am still working on one sweater that I was supposed to wear to Parent Teacher interviews. Still not done. And what do I choose to do during my spring break?

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On the road again

I'm traveling to Aitkin, MN for the next two months. It's about 2 1/2 hours from the twin cities. I was wondering if anyone know of any LYS in the surrounding area?

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Guy Knits

I just checked out the book Guy Knits from Knitter's Magazine at the library. What do you think? Anything you're planning to knit soon?

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Tree of Life #2

Size is everything.... hmm
21 rows into the project, and it seems awfully tight...
Am I too tense? It's been a while since I took on a new project...