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April 28th

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Gryffindor Meathead Hat Finished

It was a very fast Knit people and lots of fun to see the Pattern taking shape. The pattern is

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What makes a good sock yarn?

O.K. I finally wore my new socks out and about this weekend and they are warm - dead of winter warm - the kind of warm I only need a few weeks out of the year.

April 27th

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As a complete suprize to me, I got the opportunity to take a full day workshop in wet felting techniques with Judy Pascal. OMG we had a great time.

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Knit Back Backwards

Today was my class for knitting back backwards. For my birthday the owner of the shop gave me the class that I wanted to take to learn this technique.

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Gryffindor Meathead Hat

What do you know, I am going for a Gryffindor Meathead Hat. I have modified the pattern a bit, but still a Meathead from Ravelry. PLenty of techniques used, all from experience lol!

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Sunday at Dolores Park!

Sunday at Dolores Park!

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Lizard Ridge (almost done)

Managed to complete and join all the squares for the lizard ridge afghan, and I'm happy with it. Only trouble is that I need to learn to crochet to finish the edges

Finger Knitting

I have tried finger knitting with thick wool. You can have great fun creating larger structures. You just make your lengths of finger knitting and then construct a vessel/ object.

April 26th

Throw finally finished

I've just uploaded some images of a throw that I have finished, I think you will find the images under recent posts.


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Wow, I recently moved cross-country and found myself in the cold Buffalo winter... and my friend Ellen made knitting look so fun at our last residency in Vermont that I thought I'd pick it up.