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Just joined Great for so many reasons. Check it out!

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2nd Finished object: chunky hat

I knit this hat in just a few hours on Saturday!

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Now I've done it...

Just bought a Passap e6000 knitting machine tonight oneBay.

Anyone else on here use a Passap? I know the ramp up is a bit steep, so looking for any help I can get.

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Sock Pattern Testers Needed

Dear Friends,

I've been trying to put together a toe-up sock pattern and think I've got it working.

Here's the concept; I wanted:
1) An ULTRA-EASY pattern
2) A TOE-UP pattern

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Tree of Life Pattern

OK Boys,
I've had enough people ask, so here's what I've done...

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Gauge Matters

Well, I learned a lesson about making sure ya have the right gauge.

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Sewing Seams Question

I'm at the point on my cardiagan where I'm sewing the side seams together - the long seams from the wrist to the waist. How long should the pieces of yarn be that I use for sewing?