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$*#(% The Argyles

Ok. This is something new for me. I've worked on the argyle socks a few times and ripped it out like 5 or 6 times because I didn't like how the left slants looked.

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Dad's sweater, almost done...

Here's the back...colour is a little off: It's more vibrant in real life.

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The Second Bowl . .

Here is a pic of the blue felted bowl. I couldn't fgure out how to attach two pics to that last entry, so the pics are being shown in separate posts.

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Felted Bowls

I knitted/felted two bowls that were sent to the fundraiser/ silent auction event for Miriam's Kitchen. Both bowls are made from 100%, handpainted wool. The blue vessel was handfelted entirely.

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Work on a baby blanket

Well it's started. I decided if I posted what I've gotten done here I might actually be more motivated to finish it.

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Opinion, Please.....

I have a friend that is interested in joining this site. A fellow knitter, addicted to the tug of needle & yarn.

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sock gusset, dpn problem

I'm having a problem with stitches falling of the back of my DPNs while I'm working the gusset section on socks - when you have all those extra stitches on needles 1 and 4.