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Show us your Yarn Stash!

My livingroom Stash, will you share yours with us on a Video? It can be fun!

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Corn on a Cap

This is one of the Crochet WIP that I have. It is in Tapestry Crochet. I do have some nifty yarn that I want to knit other hats with, and I will be doing that in the next weeks or so.

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Knitting Software

I am wondering if any of you folks have used any of the various knitting software available. If so, what do you think of it? Here are some examples I am wondering about.

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WIPS and more WIPS

OK, so since I have not actually finished much in the past few months since I have started knitting, I thought that I would at least put up some of my WIPS. I have too many :)

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My Mom's Prarie Shawl

Well here it is blocked and finished. The model is of course not my mother but my friend Al. I gave the shawl to my mom on Sunday and she loved it.