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Baby Sweater

Since I found this web site you guys having me knitting again with a passion. I finished this baby sweater this weekend. It's pretty simple so it knits up quickly.

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Knit Picks Options Circular Needles

I've been meaning to rave about Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles, which I've used for my last project and the one I'm working on at the moment.

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Off topic--wish me luck!

Hey guys,
A while back I wrote about an audtition:

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Nashville, TN area LYS

I'll be visiting my family near Nashville, this weekend (April 4-6). I've done a bit of Googling for LYS in the Nashville area, but was wondering if anyone from there had any particular preferences.

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I am a crazy crazy

Well, I am still working on one sweater that I was supposed to wear to Parent Teacher interviews. Still not done. And what do I choose to do during my spring break?

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On the road again

I'm traveling to Aitkin, MN for the next two months. It's about 2 1/2 hours from the twin cities. I was wondering if anyone know of any LYS in the surrounding area?

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Guy Knits

I just checked out the book Guy Knits from Knitter's Magazine at the library. What do you think? Anything you're planning to knit soon?

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Tree of Life #2

Size is everything.... hmm
21 rows into the project, and it seems awfully tight...
Am I too tense? It's been a while since I took on a new project...