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March 19th

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I am soooo excited. I love this website.

Almost all the women in my family knit or crochet. My maternal grandfather was a furniture builder but during the great depression when he was out of work he used to do tatting.

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New Man Knitting

I just signed up and bought the Men Who Knit project & messenger bags. I'm excited so many men are outspoken and unabashed knitters.

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Met A Fellow Male Knitter

I am in a hotel in downtown Cheyenne, WY waiting for my truck to be repaired (again). I walked down to the lobby and into the coffee shop this morning and what do I see?

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Colorado High School Students Knitting Scarves

This story was on Colorado Public Radio this morning during NPR's Morning Edition.

March 18th

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I Knit London LYS

I managed to call into "I Knit London" yarn store this afternoon, now that they moved to their new location next to Waterloo Station last Saturday

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Love it, love it, love it, LOL

Why don't we wear things like this anymore?

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High top booties

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Laef and Acorn wrap in malabrego

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Tie One On from Knitty

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A few FO's

Just a few things I have completed the last few weeks.

Alpaca Shawl for wife.