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March 21st

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I've finished a few projects recently!

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Why the "tooth hat"?

Because when it's worn, it looks a bit like a molar...

I'm going to make a white one for my dentist, and one for her baby...

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the tooth hat, the turks toque

the two hats made from remnants steeked off the oversized panel of Dad's sweater.

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It was raining yesterday, so I thought what a wonderful excuse to work on my sweater (Cable Guy from Son of a Stitch and Bitch).

March 20th

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Well, I gave Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket a try (the first time I've done a Zimmerman pattern - will definitely check more of her patterns out!) Made it up with Knitpicks Swish s

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taking a wee break

I've decided to take a wee break and do the "cableguy" sweater from "Son Of Stitch and Bitch".

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Summer Knitting Course

I just registered for a week course at the "Haliburton School of the Arts". Its a school affiliated with a community college in one of the cottage/summer areas of Ontario.

March 19th

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Finally....My first completed project.

I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get something completed. The garter stitch scarf is still in progress. I use it at work when there is a likely chance I'll be interrupted.

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100 Bowls of Compassion rejected me. LOL That hurts! Rejected by a charity... Icing on the cake of a day that's been harrowing at best!

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Gauge Swatch - What do you do with it after?

I finished my first sock (proof-of-concept) following a step-by-step pattern from the website. It was a 20 stitch deal on 3 size 8 DPN's, so no one could possibly wear it.