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March 28th

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Magnificent Mittens from Anna Zilborrgs book

Magnificent Mittens from Anna Zilborrgs book knitted in cascade 200

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Sewing a Cardigan Together

Hi Guys - I finally finished all 5 pieces of the cardigan I'm working on (my first one), and now I have to figure out how to sew the pieces together.

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Traveling and Knitting

Have any of you guys had experience in air travel and knitting - especially with the new restrictions.

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REVAMP - tweety pi redux

a while ago I knocked off a pattern I named "tweety Pi" because it was a bad pun.

March 27th

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One down, 3 to go...on SPEED!

I completed a sleeve for Dad's sweater 2 nights ago...didn't like how it turned out (too skinny, too much shaping to the cap).

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Hemlock Ring Blanket

It is finally finished!

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Hillhead Slipover

Hillhead Slipover

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"Smokey" Yarn from Yard Sales

I regularly find yarn at yard sales which I use or give away. I often find that the yarn has come from a "smoker" home.

March 26th

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How many knitting bags do you own?

I think I have 8 right now. I'm assuming that's a "normal" amount among the assembled company?

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Scumble Swap Signups (Freeform Knitting/Crochet)

For those of you interested in delving into the world of freeform knitting/crochet, I'm in the process of organizing a scumble swap!

check out the info on my blog: