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February 17th

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A little bit off topic, but

I will be adopting a cat this week. Cat-nature being what it is, I expect the new arrival to enthusiastically volunteer to "help" me with my knitting.

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I am making these for Dennis's (HWMBO) 5 yr old grandaughter. I used the size 2 yr pattern except my gauge is 6 sts per inch instead of 8 so they should fit her.

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This is my second time doing this project.

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Another scully

This is my 3rd attempt to get this image up!

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My first few caps!

Here's a few caps I made this winter...more to come!

February 16th

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on to hats

I've started working on one of the Brooklyntweed hat patterns. The Koolhaas, it is a lot of detail, but I think will look great.

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The MWK Book Idea

Hey there! Quite a response I got from the poll the other day. I guess I'm not surprised considering the depth and breadth of the talent, wit, knowledge, creativity, etc. we have here as a group.

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5 Hour Baby Sweater FO

If you want to get the feel of what making a sweater would be like. This is the pattern for you. It is easily modify and if you go with bigger needles you can have a bigger size.

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Video Cast! Episode #7 "NEW Spring Men's Knitwear Review" CHECK IT OUT!

Hi Guys~
I just post my NEW Kntting Video Cast! In this Episode #7, I will talking about the NEW spring Men's Knitwear coming up and design also yarn review.

February 15th

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Hi all,