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February 23rd

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lace cocktail napkins/costers

I have some fine weight yellow linnen yarn (270 yds) and I think it would make cool lace costers. I'm pretty sure I can get a set of eight 4"x 4" costers out of what I have.

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Great Expectations

"Maybe it will be underpants," was Nili's comment when she saw my first attempt at a top-down raglan sweater. (She's a friend's daughter, 4 1/2.)

February 22nd

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A Stallion of a Woolly Horse!

When I first began to do stranded knitting, I decided to invest in a woolly horse from the Shetlands.

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Reasons Why I've Been So "Quiet"

Hey folks!!!

Crawling out from lurkdom for a while...have missed you folks...logging in here and there just to see what's been going on.

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fun neck tie

I finally got this done after frogging it the first time. It was much faster working it in Continental then my other wierd way. Anyway, I like how the color landed up where it did.

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Socks - Three Needle Bind Off vs. Kitchener Stitch

I'm about to finish up shaping the second toe of my hiking socks from _The Knitting Man(ual)_. The first sock I finished with the kitchener stitch and it looks great!!

February 21st

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Co-op baby?

So, I dressed Thumper this morning, and the first thing my wife asked is what we were planning to do at the commune all day. I think co-op is a little more gentle.

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Austin LYS? Knit Gatherig?

Hey All!

I'll be in Austin TX this weekend (Fri-Mon) and I'm looking for an LYS and or a gathering of Knitters, so I can escape the family for a while. Any ideas?


February 20th

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FO: The Urban Commando Penguin

pattern was from knitty - colour scheme came from my warped mind.

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FO: Clerical Stole

This was suppossed to be a Christmas present - but it was finished in time for my nephew's ordination as priest friday (barely - I embroidered the cross *at* the reception)