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Flower Pattern

I am working on a new pattern .......... while not really do u guys remember my swirl leaf pattern......

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Mr. Stripey

Just your ole scrappy stripey hat. Made of remnants of Paton's Classic Wool.

It's not a gauge problem, it's a gauge opportunity.

I promised a friend of mind a scarf, so I took some time off from my sock knitting to make her a scarf before she left on a long weekend in Minnesota.

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Branching Out

My first lace project! It's got some mistakes in there, but I present to you a stretch devoid of errors to deceive you into thinking I'm more skilled than I am! Enjoy!

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A yarn worth talking about

I found another yarn that makes my eyes roll back into my head and shiver with delight. A lot of people have mentioned Cascade 220 but the Cascade 220 Tweed is worth its own converstation.

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Alpaca-mohair sweater

recently finished an alpaca-mohair sweater for my grandson...a beautiful heathered green alpaca combined with a fine strand of multi-dyed mohair. He loves it...because it's very soft.

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Canterbury Spinners' Guild

I have been desperate for the company of other knitters and so I finally took the plunge and joined the Canterbury Spinners' Guild.