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January 29th

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Grandma's "Lehmus" Shawl

I've been working on my first lace project. It is the Lehmus shawl pattern and I'm making if for my grandmother.

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philadelphia knitters!

is the knitting cirle tonight at joes coffee?

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Suggestions please

Hi Guys,

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Minor Update


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Janesville/Milton Wisconsin KNIT IN

I had heard tell of an upcoming Knit In in Milton, WI sponsored by the Janesville Knitting Guild.

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Asheville knitters

Anyone ib the Asheville area that would like to start a knitting club ?

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Your Nemesis...

Would love to know the one project that has failed you repeatedly, the one pattern that has duped you and pissed you off to no end.

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I started knitting hats back in November and here are a few of them. As you can see I like chunky weight yarn.

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Practice scarf in progress

OK here it is, such that it is. I wish I hadn't started out with the inch of garter but it is a practice piece.

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First Cabled project

OK, here it is, first time trying out the cable needle. and first time with non-synthetic yarn....I love both!