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December 20th

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Heading home ... 2 days flying to get there ... stay a week and turn back

Am flying out of Istanbul tomorrow morning. It will be freezing ... well... all things relative... I know in Canada it is quite chilly there at the moment... here it is wet... no snow yet.

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A Fiber Holiday/BOND USM

Hello boys,

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Maybe the 5th time is the charm?

I had this idea to create a nice holiday afghan as a gift for my father for Christmas. Unfortunately, it's clear that I've forgotten some of the basics for how to do machine knitting.

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I happened upon a website for a movie coming out in February called Coraline. It's directed by the same guy that directed Nightmare Before Christmas, but what surprised me most (in a good way) were the two gems nestled in the site about knitting!

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I finally took a picture of my legwarmers, but it sucks because I look like poo in girly legwarmers. I think they turned out all right.

December 19th

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Two Christmas Hats

So my brother gets married today, and just in time for it (and Christmas,) I finished the hats he asked me to make for them.

Do men wear knit things?

After getting my Christmas knitting pretty much wrapped up, I was talking with my wife, and she asked if I was going to take a break from knitting, or what my next project was going to be.

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Good news

A few things that I'm excited about today:

December 18th

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OT: A Few Pics of Our Winter Wonder Land

Man has it been cold and snowy. Here are a few pics of my kids in the snow and such. Maybe tomorrow will be a snow day too.


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Pattern Ideas

I'd like some pattern ideas for the yarn in the picture. For some reason I'm attracted to the colors in it. I usually like solid colors, so I'm lost on what I could do with this yarn.