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FO Pink Neck Thing

Still thinking of ways to button this...

Thanks to Elisa for ideas.

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Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

This is current re-blocking over a pie plate to increase slouchiness.

Knitted on size 8s instead of size 10s in Rowan Cocoon, Emerald.

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FO Green Tam

Here's mark 2 of the white beret you saw earlier. Just a basic variation of the diagonal lace pattern:
Row 1: *k2tog, k1, yo* to end
Row 2: k to end

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Drastically and unapologetically OT

Ok... slightly apologetically....

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Scarf Exchange

Here is a picture of my scarf so far. The picture is a little dark (photography is not my forte). I merged a cable pattern I liked with a traditional tube scarf.

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Ok so I am going to pony up and learn how to knit. I am nervous and intimidated but determined. HELP! I need someone to hold my hand!

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Second Pair Regia Socks

I’m still waiting for the parcel for Canada with the knitting wools for my next jumper so here is another pair of socks done with Regia Design Line Mirage in the Fire colourway.

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New member and new at this hobby.

Hi everybody !

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On the

I have completed the second legwarmer, and it is successful.

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In the middle of BFE

It totally sucks not having a LYS to go fondle and see yarns up close and personal.