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Just Requested an Invation to Ravelry.

Well I just requested an invation to Ravelry.

Block Party Tonite!

Pray for me, boys...

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Weave-It Vintage Sweater with Knitted Neckband/Cuffs/Waistband - Completed December 14, 2008

This was a lot of fun and is actually wearable. The sleeve cap is a bit funky, but ok. Biggest mistake was not using smaller needles for the ribbing. Here's the pic from the original pattern.

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Knitting for others....for once

Start: 27th November 2008
Finish: 10th December 2008
Needles: 3 mm - 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarn: GGH "Tajmahal"; 70% merino superfine virgin wool, 22% silk, 8% cashmere; Colour #1, Lot #18450
Pattern: "Ärmelstulpe" (Hand-Wrist Warmer) by Katharina Ritter for Lanaiolo
For: Tanja