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November 22nd

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New Pic explanation

The new picture you now see is the newest addition to our family. My partner and I got her about 2 months ago.

November 22nd

Dishcloths? Does anyone know any truly great patterns?

I am wanting to knit some dish cloths but I am so tired of the few that I see on the Internet. They are always the same old knit/purl stitches.

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Opinions wanted: Knitpicks harmony needles

My folks asked what I would like for X-mas, and I was thinking one of those interchangable cable needle sets.

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Lube makes it all better

So...I bought a "WHITE MAGIC KNITTER" to replace the long lost "PHILDAR BIG PHIL" knitting frame. (They're identical but for colour and a difference of 15 extra needles on the frame).

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Disaster recovery...

I recently posted about a package from Webs missing in transit on its route from the USA.

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Dr. Bombay! Dr. Bombay! EMERGENCY!! Come Right Away!!

The following took place last night at work...

"Thank you for calling the Emergency Department. This is Bill. How can I help you?"

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No contact from Scarf Exchange Partner Yet?, Sign Up Here

AS of Today I have not heard from the person knitting for me, maybe they are busy who knows.

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Hemlock Ring Blanket

Well, here it is. My Hemlock Ring Blanket.

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Grey is the New Black

Start: 11th November 2008
Finish: 22nd November 2008
Needles: 5.5 mm Addi Turbos
Yarns: Lang Yarns "Cashmere Tweed"; 35% Cashmere, 65% Merino Extrafine
Pattern: "Inner Truth" Scarf by Laura Andersson, previously in the now defunct MagKnits

Yay! I finished my new Inner Truth Scarf in about ten days! That ought to set some kind of record for me!

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Link To My Picasa Photo Account

Here is a link to my Picasa Account with photos of my knitted projects, crocheted projects, a couple family pictures etc.