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November 24th

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I am having trouble posting pictures...hmmm.


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Hi Guys...haven't shared any of my works lately.


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Two subjects:

First off, does any one know of a stitch dictionary which is specifically designed for those of us who knit in the round?

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unpicking is a heartbreaking experience

I finally finished my first jumper... first in 20 years with no knitting done in the interim... so I'd forgotten everything. Am reasonably pleased with the end result.

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Vote for Matt!

One of my friends (he knits, too!) is competing in an online video contest that ends today.

HE NEEDS YOUR VOTES! Here's how you can help him win:

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repair help

I just pulled out my green wool sweater and it has a hole in it--it might be a moth hole (likely) or it might be because I was using a single.

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A break from Pi

I had a co-worker ask is I would be able to knit up a nose warmer for his wife. I knew of a pattern off and had some leftover yarn from my wife's shawl so I agreed to his request.

Thanks Bill

I'm the guy from the ER. Just wanted to say thanks to Bill for pointing me to this great site. Maybe I'll post a pic of the scarf when it's done.

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What to make, what to make...

I'm on the cusp of finishing my scarf exchange scarf.

November 23rd

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Scarf Exchange

I knitted up a swatch of what I thought would be the pattern for the scarf I'm knitting for the exchange. This is just one pattern repeat, and I like the center.