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November 25th

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Scarf Exchange Problems? Stay in touch!

Hey Guys!

Thanks to all of you who are so enthusiastically knitting for the 2nd exchange. It's all very exciting.

Please Please Please stay in touch with me if you've got any problems.

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Here's another picture that shows off the cable work a little better.

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I'm Back!

I haven't been on here in like the longest time bc my camera wasnt letting me put any pics on the computer. So, I apologize, but here I am.

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Beret Question

My friend has asked me to knit a beret for her. How do I make it keep the beret shape once knitted?

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Spinning wheels

For those of you who have spinning wheels I would be interested in hearing which wheel you have and what you think of it. Thanks guys.

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I make it up as I go along.

So my mom and dad came up for a brief visit not long ago...first time they have visited me since moving here to KC in 2004. They hadn't met Travis before then, either.

November 24th

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My Vacation Xmas Hat is Here!

My Vacation Xmas Hat is Here, I was able to make this hat and block it in two days lol!

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Felted Potholder Patern - Anyone willing to test it out?

I just finish a pattern for a felted, mitten-style potholder. Anyone willing to test out the pattern for me?

If so, please e-mail me at: teejtc (at) gmail (dot) com


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I finished this sweater months ago and I finally got it sewn together.

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Henry VII by Alice Starmore

Here is another Starmore sweater. Lots of work, but I love the result.